Saturday, August 27, 2011

NYX Single Eyeliner Set Swatches

Hey everyone! So here are the swatches of what I received in my eyeliner set.

This photo is a little dull. I tried to fix it up a little. So keep in mind that the colors are a little bit different

*Ocean is a little more of a royal blue compared to this photograph. But as you can see it is very opaque.
*Baby Green is pretty much true to color but it is just slightly brighter.
*Dark Brown looks black in this picture. It pretty much is that, but with a brown/red undertone.
*White is exactly that...  white.
*Blue eyes isn't that opaque which really upsets me, but if you make it thick you can really see it's gorgeous color.
*Pink looks kind of on the Violet side. Just look at the font color of the word "pink" and tone it down slightly and that is the color. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
♥-/ Dana


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  2. Oh, wow, I love the ocean blue colour! So pretty! :)