Sunday, September 11, 2011

E.L.F. Haul

Hey everyone! So yesterday I got a package from E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face). I purchased 10 things for a total of $16! I absolutely love E.L.F. products because they are such good quality (for the most part) and so inexpensive. So this is going to be everything that I got. I am also throwing in swatches and first impressions. Hope you enjoy!

Daily Brush Cleaner:: $3.00

I was really in need of a brush cleaner because previously I would just do deep-cleans and you really should clean you brushes at least every 3 to 2 times you use them. So I got this. I used it last night and it worked amazingly. It also smells wonderful. It is such a distinct scent so it's really hard to explain, but I wish I could.

Powder Brush:: $3.00

This brush is pretty much a flat-top kabuki brush. It is so incredibly soft. Especially compared to their essential brushes. I used this to set my foundation and it works very well. You could also use this for bronzer and even maybe blush. It is definitely worth the $3.00.

Eye Crease Brush:: $1.00

The first impression I got from this product was very confusing. The brush is very dense which is good for a crease brush. However, it is hard to tell if it is soft or not because it is so dense. Of course that doesn't technically matter as long as it doesn't damage your skin. This brush will also be very good for smudging out eyeliner.

These are all of the cosmetics that I purchased. I had to photograph the swatches with my camcorder because my digital camera was acting really weird. The swatches didn't come out the best. So keep in mind that these aren't as true to color as they can be. I will try to describe the colors as best as I can.

Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow:: $1.00

This color is absolutely gorgeous. It is like a shimmery coral. The pigmentation is amazing. This product, however, has more downsides that I had hoped for. First of all, it is a lot smaller than I had expected. It is more of a single eyeshadow than a blush. It is about 1.5/2 inches across. Another thing is when I first got it it was so hard to open. It slides down, but you really do have to break it in before it is an easy process (unless that was just mine). And on top of that, the product shatters a little more each time you close it. It goes slightly each time but it can get really harsh really fast. It really upsets me because this is a gorgeous blush.

Eye Widener in Pearl White:: $1.00

This eyeliner is very metallic/shimmery. It glides on very smoothly. Personally I think it whitened my eyes a little more rather than widen them. To me, it stayed on fairly long. I have had eyeliners that lasted longer. The sharpener included with the cap I was really skeptical about. I thought that you would put the pencil in and it would turn by accident, or go up to far and get stuck or cut at a weird angle. The cap has, I guess, little "stoppers". Basically the pencil will only go up a certain amount, the perfect amount, unless you literally force it.

Feather Proof Moisturizing Lipliner in Natural Blush:: $1.00

From what I have noticed, this is a pretty feather proof lipliner. This came with a little sharpener. It has great color pay-off and glides on so smoothly. The color I chose is the lightest of all the shades available. It is a light pink that could be used on all natural lip colors. I love this color as a liner, but it is also really nice to wear by itself with just a gloss over top.

Lip Stain in First Date:: $3.00

Amazing! That is all this is, amazing. I absolutely love this. It is a little truer to color in the bottom photo. And honestly, that is the color you get on your lips. It stays on forever. I swatched it first at around 1:00 pm and all throughout the day is stayed vibrant. It is very waterproof, I still had in on the next day (a little faded though) and it didn't come off until I took a shower and scrubbed it off. You can also build up the color to make it as vibrant as you want. A little goes a long way. The doe-foot applicator may sometimes have a little too much. just dab it on once or twice and blend it in. Then you can apply more if necessary (after dried). It comes with a clear gloss which I probably won't be using as often because it is a sticky gloss, the kind I do not prefer. But regardless the gloss, I am absolutely in love with this.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry:: $1.00

This color is so pretty, however on the website it was coral-pink. That's what I was expecting. It is actually a kind of shimmery pink. Aside from that, I do like the color that I received and it smells really good, like peppermint. They call it "Vanilla Mint." It is pretty long lasting, which is a plus. The applicator is really good do. I personally, like it better than their Hypershine Glosses.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry:: $1.00

This color is also different than the color I expected. I was hoping for a pale, yet vibrant, baby pink. I received a kind of mauve/pink. I like this color but I do like the color I anticipated more. This one is a little sheer compared to the other one. However, if you just blend it a certain way (kind of in dabbing motions) then you can get a really pretty color.

Lipstick in Nostalgic:: $1.00

I love this shimmery, nude lipstick, but it is very sheer. If you apply enough you can get a really pretty color. A downside? I opened it, swatched it and it broke at the bottom. I tried to fix it my pushing it back together then freezing it but it just broke again. It is fine for now, but it sometimes gets on the rim of the tube. Hopefully this won't effect it much until I get to the last of it.

So those were all the things I got from E.L.F. With shipping it was a total of $16! I love E.L.F. for it's amazing products and cheap prices. 

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